GALLERY 5- Abstract Nature & Wildlife Photos
This gallery features some of my attempts to capture abstract nature
and close up macro photos of the natural world. Some of the images are ideal for interior design and look great on a large canvas.
If you like any of the images shown they are available for purchase in
various formats and media.
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Green Leaf Closeup showing vein and membraine detail
PICTURE: Dscf6110
Poppy petal closeup showing different shades of red and orange transparency detail
PICTURE: Dscf6270
Backlit poppy petal closeup with waterdroplets shades of red and orange valley like detail
PICTURE: Dscf9598
Monkey flower eye view. (Mimulus guttatus) Close up view looking out from behind a yellow monkey flower
PICTURE Dscf6612

Dark peaty highland stream water flowing through grassey weed caught in golden sunlight. Scotland UK
Babbling Brook. A stream river bed with clear summer water flowing over brown peat stained stones. Scotland, UK
Abstract golden barley backlit by the summer sunlight
Tall grass wide green leaf with water droplets after a shower of rain
PICTURE: Jak_1728

Winter white hailstones close up wintery snowy feel
PICTURE: Dscf1105
A field of Snowflakes settled on a bridge and frozen in time and shape by a severe frost, Cairngorm National Park, Highland, Scotland UK
PICTURE Dscf0221
Ice Ice Baby - Icey stream flowing over rocks in the Cairngorm National Park, Cairngorm, Highland, Scotland UK
PICTURE Dscf0283
Spiders web frozen in time after a -19 frost Corner piece with river in background
PICTURE Dscf0303